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To view a slideshow on a TV: 1 Connect iPod to a TV (see above). 2 Turn on your TV and set it to display from the input ports connected to your iPod. See the documentation that came with your TV for more information. 3 On iPod, select any photo or album and press Play. Or select any full-screen photo and press the Center button. To pause the music and the slideshow, press the Play/Pause button. To skip to the next or previous photo manually, press the Next/Fast-forward or Previous/Rewind button.

IPod must be enabled for disk use (see “Using iPod as an External Disk” on page 44). To import photos from iPod to a computer: 1 Connect iPod to the computer. 2 Drag image files from the Photos folder or DCIM folder on iPod to the desktop or to a photo editing application on the computer. Note: You can also use a photo editing application, such as iPhoto, to import photos stored in the DCIM folder. See the documentation that came with the application for more information. Chapter 4 Photo Features 41 Viewing Photos You can view photos on iPod manually or as a slideshow.

Locking Your iPod Screen You can set a combination to prevent your iPod from being used by someone without your permission. When you lock an iPod that is not connected to a computer, you must enter a combination to unlock and use it. Note: This is different from the Hold button in that the Hold button prevents iPod from turning on accidentally. The combination prevents another person from viewing your iPod screen. To set a combination for iPod: 1 Choose Extras > Screen Lock > Set Combination. 2 On the Enter New Code screen, enter a combination: Â Use the Click Wheel to select the first number.

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