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39. Ibid. ” Many officers tried to sublimate what they regarded as guilty desires in an increased devotion to their men. R. Rivers encountered several cases of officers who were torn by their sexual desires and a strict notion of duty and military discipline which obliged them to sublimate their feelings in a more impersonal interest for the fate of their men. Many cases of neurosis seem to have been the consequence of this conflict. Siegfried Sassoon, in his poems, expresses the pain (more mental than physical), and the guilt, he felt over his close companions who died.

It is not timeless; quite to the contrary. It follows the fads and fashions and interprets the latest trends. Homosexual fashions in speech, clothing, and gestures follow specific codes that help keep homosexuals in a world to themselves. In ways that are often imperceptible to the uninitiated, these evolving fashions delineate variations and sexual conventions. Knowing how to interpret the details enables one to penetrate to the very heart of homosexual life, to discern the secrets and to sort out what is part of homosexual reality and what is more a part of the mythology.

He became the symbol of all 10. Rupert Brooke had homosexual relations in his public school with Lucas St. L. Hobhouse and Georges Mallory. 11. 78-80. 12. 78. 13. Ibid. 14. 79. 19 A History of Homosexuality in Europe the young soldiers sacrificed for their fatherland and he represented the idealized image of a radiant, fair and innocent youth that the world of the post-war period would struggle in vain to recapture. 15 What is novel in this admiration, in the context of a society that was still deeply Puritan, it is that it is essentially homoerotic.

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