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By Edward Semple Le Comte

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Despised vi 602 would render them yet more despised, vii 422 With clang despised the ground, (a) lit. looked down upon (L. despicere). (b) scorned, contemned. Ricks (for vi). See Browne on vii. son of despite, Whom us the more to spite his Maker raised From dust: spite then with spite is best repaid. (a) one created because of malice or hatred (God's towards Satan). Son of this "spite" of 177, 178. (b) despicable. Evans (Broadbent). Hebrew model like "sons of valor", 2 Sam. 7 (margin); "sons of Belial", 1 Sam.

B) God assays (goes with "placed"). Fowler. assaying iv 801 Assaying by his devilish art (a) essaying, trying. (b) alchemy, black magic practice of determining the degree of purity of a precious metal (OED 4). Broadbent. assays C, 972 And send them here through hard assays (a) testings. (b) tribulations. assert i 25 I may assert Eternal Providence, (a) insist on. (b) L. asserere, to free a slave. Elledge. assessor vi 679 whence to his Son, Th' assessor of his throne, (a) associate. (b) lit. one who sits beside.

Apostate vi 172 Apostate, still thou err'st, nor end will find Oferring, from the path of truth remote. (a) rebel. (b) lit. ). apparent iv 608 the moon ... Apparent queen (a) showing herself, plainly visible. (b) undoubted. Holmes. apparent PR 2, 397 (a) obvious. (b) seeming. Holmes. Chose to impart to thy apparent need, appear Son 7, 7 And inward ripeness doth much less appear, (a) be seen. (b) start to bloom. Le Comte, Milton's Unchanging Mind, pp. 21-2. Lest by some fair appearing good surprised appearing ix 354 (a) fair-appearing.

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