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By Indraneil Das

ISBN-10: 1472920570

ISBN-13: 9781472920577

South-East Asia is domestic to 1 of the main diversified reptilian populations on the earth and is instantly changing into the most vital ecotourism locations on the planet. A box advisor to the Reptiles of South-East Asia is the 1st entire advisor to the snakes, lizards, crocodiles, tortoises, and turtles of the region.

protecting multiple thousand species and subspecies in thorough aspect, this box advisor offers authoritative, updated info on identity, habitat, habit, subspecies, distribution, and standing. It additionally explains the habit and morphology of reptiles, in addition to tips on how to degree and determine species in response to scale counts and different anatomical features.

This advisor is key examining for someone drawn to the flora and fauna of South-East Asia--wildlife fanatics, scholars, conservation planners, and experts alike.

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3a) Carapace Dark brown; midline and lateral vertebral carapacial stripes missing; distinct bell-shaped mark on carapace anterior. (3b) Head X-shaped figure between eyes. 4. BURMESE NARROW-HEADED SOFTSHELL TURTLE Chitra vandijki, p. 176. SCL 412mm Carapace rim smoothly joins cartilagineous part to skin of neck; head small with tiny proboscis; eyes situated close to snout-tip. (4a) Carapace Chocolate-brown or olive-green; no dark vertebral stripe. (4b) Plastron White or pale pink. (4c) Head Transverse, light dark-bordered bar connecting eyes, and 1–2 pairs of light dark-bordered ocelli posterior to transverse bar between or behind eyes.

9. YELLOW-THROATED LONG-HEADED LIZARD Pseudocalotes flavigula, p. 192. SVL 72mm Nuchal crest composed of 6 small spines; dorsal crest a low ridge; large lateral scales; dorsum light olive-green with saddle-like brown patches; flanks spotted with white. 10. FLOWER’S LONG-HEADED LIZARD Pseudocalotes floweri, p. 192. SVL 98mm Nuchal crest with 8 erect spines; snout length twice orbit diameter; 6 scales between nasal and supraorbital; dorsum brown; enlarged dorsal scales blue; spines light brown. 50 Reptiles pp 18-57 23/4/10 14:50 Page 51 (5th Reflex Blue plate) 02243m Reptiles pp 18-57 3/3/10 4:43 PM Page 51 2 1 5 4 3 6 7a 8 7b 10 9 Reptiles pp 18-57 23/4/10 14:50 Page 52 (5th Reflex Blue plate) Plate 18.

PHUKET DAY GECKO Cnemaspis phuketensis, p. 204. 1mm Dorsal surface with small keeled scales and scattered spinous tubercles on paravertebral region; spines on flanks; no precloacal and femoral pores; median subcaudals not enlarged; dorsum olive with sinuous dark greyish-brown markings on nape and body. 4. THAI DAY GECKO Cnemaspis siamensis, p. 204. SVL 42mm Dorsal surface with tubercles in 12–20 longitudinal rows; pores occasionally absent; median subcaudals enlarged; dorsum olive-grey with pale mottling; dark brown blotches may form cross-bars; 2 pale spots at back of head, separated by brown spot.

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