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Thoroughly up to date consultant for scientists, engineers and scholars who are looking to use Microsoft Excel 2007 to its complete power. digital spreadsheet research has turn into a part of the typical paintings of researchers in all parts of engineering and technology. Microsoft Excel, because the average spreadsheet, has more than a few medical capabilities that may be applied for the modeling, research and presentation of quantitative info. this article offers an easy advisor to utilizing those features of Microsoft Excel, guiding the reader from uncomplicated rules via to extra complex components akin to formulae, charts, curve-fitting, equation fixing, integration, macros, statistical services, and providing quantitative info. Key beneficial properties: * content material written in particular for the necessities of technological know-how and engineering scholars and execs operating with Microsoft Excel, introduced absolutely brand new with the hot Microsoft workplace unencumber of Excel 2007. * positive factors of Excel 2007 are illustrated via a large choice of examples dependent in technical contexts, demonstrating using this system for research and presentation of experimental effects. * up-to-date with new examples, challenge units, and purposes. New site with info units, downloadable spreadsheets and different important assets.

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The exact position is printer dependent. On the author's worksheetthe first vertical dotted line was between columns I and Jand the first horizontal one, between rows 46 and 47. These automatic page breaks, unlike manually entered page breaks, cannot be removed. If they clutter your worksheet, just close the file and then reopen it-remembering to save it first if needed. 40 A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2007for Scientists and Engineers The Page Layout tab contains the Themes group which we will not use; the Page Setup group with controls for margins, orientation (portrait and landscape), paper size and others; the Scale to Fit group and the Sheet Options groups.

FLOOR. 5. EVEN Rounds a number to the nearest even integer. 25) returns 4. FLOOR Rounds a number down (toward zero) to the nearest multiple of significance; cf. CEILING. 0. INT Rounds a number down to the nearest integer; d. TRUNC. 6) returns - 6. MROUND Returns a number rounded to the required multiple. 89,4) returns 8. ODD Rounds a number to the nearest odd integer. 25) returns 5. Using Functions 55 ROUND Rounds a number to the required number of places. 56,0) returns 124 (nearest integer) ROUNDDOWN Behaves similarly to ROUND but always rounds down.

In Chapter 11 we show the use of this method to solve some practical problems. Exercise 9: Sum of Diagonal Sometimes one needs to sum the diagonal elements of a matrix. This is called the trace of the matrix. This can be done using the ROW function. 11 we have a small matrix whose diagonal sum is clearly 17. We will look at two ways of finding this with Excel. The formula in E5 is =INDEX($A$5:$C$7 /ROW(Al)/ROW(Al» while that in F5 is more complex =I N DEX( $A $ 5: $C $ 7 ,RO W (A 5)-R OW( $A $5)+ 1/RO W (A 5)ROW($A$5)+1).

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