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By Louisa May Alcott

ISBN-10: 1411462890

ISBN-13: 9781411462892

This assortment represents the easiest of Alcott's grownup oeuvre, beginning with A smooth Mephistopheles, a gloomy Faustian story encouraged via A lengthy deadly Love Chase. The tales during this quantity demonstrate dramatic depth and exciting, suspenseful plots that exhibit Alcott to be a posh and passionate author. Readers will detect inside this maelstrom of homicide, deceit, obsessive hope, treachery, duplicity, and betrayal that love and honor can nonetheless overcome all.

The e-book takes its identify from the story "A Whisper within the Dark," arguably Alcott's high-gothic masterpiece, a narrative of imperiled innocence.

Also featured are: "The Abbot's Ghost," one in all Alcott's few thrillers that employs the supernatural; "Perilous Play," a sensationalist tale within which she means that with the proper stimulation—in this example hashish—even the blameless display a gloomy aspect; and V.V.; or Plots and Counterplots, fraught with ardour and jealousy that introduces the mysterious Virginie Varens, the darkest heroine in all of her paintings.

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