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By Abby Whiteside

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Abby Whiteside (1881-1956) constructed a innovative method of piano strategy, the assumption of a "basic rhythm" concerning the full physique that permits scholars to precise the basic emotional rhythm of the song, in addition to to play with out the danger of the wounds that often afflict pianists. Her rules on piano pedagogy stay crucial this day.

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Sensation always came first: words were secondary. It is remarkable how much she was able to crystallize in her writing in spite of the subtleties she was dealing with, which by their very nature were resistant to verbal expression. Abby Whiteside understood the importance of pedagogy. She knew the difficulties of getting a meaningful musical education, for she herself had had to abandon all she had ever been taught and start all over again in search of basic prin- Page xii ciples. Because she had singleness of mind, tenacity, originality, a deep love for the piano, and, above all, more than a touch of genius, she achieved her goal.

Her books do not offer dry exercises, but an approach to creating beauty, they are indeed indispensable. Kathryn L. Shanks Libin Vassar College Department of Music Abby Whiteside's contribution is enormous. Her holistic approach to technique and music making calls for matching a centrally controlled physical continuity to an intensely heard mapping of the basic undulating impetus of music. Starting with the whole, she brilliantly fits in the details. Forty years, these ideas are just as original, modern, and rewarding as ever.

This fact became a challenge which forced me to disbelieve in the tools I was using and led me to discoveries which mean that all can play. By virtue of the principle which has been established and the teaching techniques I have been able to develop since that day when I really came to grips with the problem, the less gifted can learn as well as the most gifted. From the outset I demanded of myself, as the only sure proof I was coming to the right conclusions, that I learn to play the difficult Chopin Etudes at top speed.

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