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By Kristin Luker

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In this significant learn of the abortion controversy within the usa, Kristin Luker examines the problems, humans, and ideology on each side of the abortion clash. She attracts info from 20 years of public records and newspaper money owed, in addition to over 2 hundred interviews with either pro-life and pro-choice activists. She argues that ethical positions on abortion are in detail tied to perspectives on sexual habit, the care of youngsters, relatives existence, expertise, and the significance of the individual.

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6 The "formation" of an embryo (sometimes known as "animation" or "vivification") was held to happen at forty days for a male embryo and at eighty days for a female embryo; the canonist Roger Huser argues that in questions of ambiguity the embryo was considered female. "9 On the contrary, American legal and moral practice at the beginning of the nineteenth century was quite consistent with the preceding Catholic canon law: early abortions were legally * The distinction between the formed and the unformed embryo, which drew on Aristotelian beliefs about pregnancy, was first introduced in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Bible.

In view of the success of this first movement, there is a further irony in the fact that when we look closely at the circumstances and behavior of these nineteenth-century physicians, we find that even most of them were not certain that abortion was really murder and that their opposition to abortion was based on more complicated motives than a desire to protect embryonic life. The Origins of the First Right-to-Life Movement At the opening of the nineteenth century, no statute laws governed abortion in America.

The pre- MEDICINE AND MORALITY IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY 31 dominance of proprietary medical schools combined with the virtual absence of any form of licensing meant that the regulars could control neither entry into the profession nor the performance of those who claimed healing capacities. 59 Because they could offer no direct, easily observable, and dramatic proof of their superiority, regular physicians were forced to make an indirect, symbolic claim about their status. By becoming visible activists on an issue such as abortion, they could claim both moral stature (as a highminded, self-regulating group of professionals) and technical expertise (derived from their superior training).

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