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It started in 1665 while Robert Hooke first considered what he referred to as cells via his do-it-yourself microscope. It keeps this present day as biologists use the most recent high-tech electron microscopes to bare the mysteries of cells. You don’t need to be a biologist, notwithstanding, to learn from wisdom approximately cells. even if you understand it or now not, concerns referring to cells have an effect on you on your daily life. Does that new low-fat vitamin you need to try out truly paintings and is it secure? Why is there such controversy surrounding using anabolic steroids in activities? may still the govt. spend hundreds of thousands of tax money to equip hospitals with MRI machines? what's the most sensible approach to freshen up an oil spill? those questions have something in universal: they could top be spoke back utilizing an realizing of mobile functions.

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CHAPTER 1 The Chemistry of Life 33 Contents Previous Section Next Section Quit CHAPTER 1 REVIEW Understanding Concepts 1. Which of the following combinations does not describe an organic molecule? a) carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus b) carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen c) nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus d) phospholipid, carbohydrate, and nucleic acid 2. Water molecules are polar because a) they have north and south poles b) the electrons in a water molecule spend more time around the hydrogen atoms than the oxygen atom, resulting in the hydrogen atom having a slight negative charge and the oxygen atom having a slight positive charge c) the electrons in a water molecule spend more time around the oxygen atom than the hydrogen atom, resulting in the oxygen atom having a slight negative charge and the hydrogen atom having a slight positive charge d) none of the above 3.

21. Investigate the carbohydrate-loading method of training for a running event. Report back to your classmates on your findings. 22. Describe the four levels of protein structure and how each level contributes to the three-dimensional shape of a protein molecule. Applying Inquiry/ Communication Skills 23. A company manufacturing cookie dough claims that their new product is fat-free. Upon scientific examination of the contents of the product at Health Canada, it is found to contain glucose, sucrose, glycerol, a number of different amino acids, and several molecules containing long carbon hydrogen chains and carboxyl groups.

Research his work on protein structure at the library or on the Internet. List at least two proteins present in common substances whose structures are precisely known. Relate their function to their structure. 11. Advertisements for protein supplements are very popular in fitness and body-building magazines. Identify claims being made in these ads. Are they justified? Why? 5 Nucleic Acids Key Understandings When you have completed this section, you will be able to: ˾ identify and describe the structure and biological importance of nucleic acids ˾ relate energy release in the cell to adenosine triphosphate (ATP) NUCLEOTIDES ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF DNA a) sugar (deoxyribose) nitrogenous base NUCLEOTIDE P O C G O P P O T b) O A P P O C G O P P O T A O P P O C G O P sugar-phosphate backbone T O P A hydrogen bond O phosphate group Nucleic acids form the important hereditary molecule DNA, which determines the formation of substances characteristic of any particular species, and also its closely related molecular cousin RNA, which is involved in the synthesis of the proteins determined by the DNA code.

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