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It uses memory location CNTHI and CNTLO as scratch registers, and destroys their previous contents. Since the LEDs must alternately be turned on and off, an exclusive-OR instruction is used to provide the automatic on/ off feature by performing a complementation. Because two complementations of the LED status must be done to blink the LEDs once, the loop is executed 20 times. Note also that LEDs must be kept lit for a minimum amount of time. If the "on" delay was too short, the LEDs would appear to be continuously lit.

No: add note to list Yes: warn player Read next key Otherwise, the new nibble (4 bits) corresponding to the note identification number is shifted into the list: OK LSRA TAY LDA TEMP Shift low bit into nibble pointer Use as byte index Restore key # Note that the nibble-pointer is divided by two and becomes a byte index. It is then stored in register Y, which will be used later to perform 35 ADVANCED 6502 PROGRAMMING an indexed access to the appropriate byte location within the table (STA TABEG,Y).

The BEEP3 routine is shown at address 0287. It plays three notes in rapid succession to indicate to the user that the notes in the memory have been erased. The erasure is performed by resetting the list length PILEN to zero. The corresponding routine appears below: 34 GENERATING SQUARE WAVES BEEP3 LDA #$FF STA DUR LDA #$4B JSR TONE LDA #$38 JSR TONE LDA #$4B JSR TONE CLC RTS Beep duration constant Code forE2 1st note CodeforD2 2nd note Code forE2 3rd note Its operation is straightforward. The NUMKEY routine will save the code corresponding to the note in the memory.

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