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By Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

ISBN-10: 0815514263

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This quantity covers complex polymer processing operations and is designed to supply an outline of a few of the newest advancements for special items and fabrication tools. participants for this quantity are from either and academia from the foreign neighborhood. This ebook comprises 9 chapters protecting complex processing functions and applied sciences.

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During the torque increase stage fusion begins and inter-particle boundaries disappear and the PVC particle inner agglomerates are distributed among the fused PVC phase. As the number of PVC particles fuse the torque increases and reaches the maximum II where the PVC mass is a homogeneous gel with completely entangled polymer chains. This is the point where fusion is completed and consequently the development of physical properties begins. If mixing is continued the stock temperature increases causing the torque to decrease to another minimum torque, which is an indication of mixing time for the PVC stock.

Thermal decomposition begins with unsaturated terminal groups and leads to the formation of conjugated systems, radical chain reactions, chain scissions and recombination. Unstabilized PVC, if exposed to temperatures more than 100’ C will turn yellow, then brown and eventually black. The rate of degradation depends on PVC properties, temperature and processing conditions. Initially the discoloration does not deteriorate its mechanical properties but after a certain time it decreases mechanical properties.

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