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By L. Sokoloff (auth.), F. Gonzalez-Lima, Th. Finkenstädt, H. Scheich (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0792319478

ISBN-13: 9780792319474

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3). The denominator of the operational equation also contains a term with the same exponential factor; this term serves to correct for the lag in the tissue behind the plasma and allows the integrated precursor specific activity in the tissue at the enzyme site to be calculated from the measured plasma specific activities (Fig. 3). The rate constants appear in the operational equation only in these two terms, and if C; is allowed to approach zero with increasing time, both of these exponential terms have the property of also approaching zero while the terms from which they are subtracted are increasing.

1979). , 1985). Because of the short half-life of lIC this development should be very useful for sequential measurements in the same subject in a short time period, a particularly helpful for the use of the deoxyglucose method for behavioral studies in man. 6. METABOLIC MAPPING OF LOCAL FUNCTIONAL ACTIVITY Numerous studies with the DG method involving experimentally induced alterations of local functional activity in a wide variety of neural pathways have demonstrated a close relationship between local functional activity and energy metabolism in the nervous system (Sokoloff, 1981, 1982).

1980). These computerized imaging techniques often make it easier to detect structures in the brain with altered metabolism. The above procedure is used for full quantification of ICMRgl c and should be used when animals are to be compared. Often, however, only a few specific regions are affected and can be visualized directly in the autoradiograms. If the intent is only to identify qualitatively structures with altered lCMRglc and not the direction or magnitude of the change, then the arterial catheterization, blood sampling, and computations may not be necessary.

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