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By Irène Guessarian (auth.)

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Macroexpanded by > is an ancestor of the occurrence 3 of G i previously ~-rewritten. j(~") and m i of G i in t I. w not in let t 3 from t 4 we shall FuVu~, then t 4' = t~(tj ( ~ " / ~ ) / m j of G i Formally: tl=t~(Si(~')/w). ); then clearly t~ ~ S >t~ hence also t I S > t4 = t~(Gi(~,)/w) ' and now clearly ~* t4 > t 3 = t4(~/w ) . 25 may be helpful here. (ii) The case where induction tI S > t 4, exists ~> t2 is deduced on the length of the sequence ~ (p-l) > t{ t I, tI (i) of ~-rewritings: by Suppose ~> t 2 - -S> t3; by case (i), there exists t 4 with -- ~* > t3, then by the induction t 4 such that (case from case tI S > t4 hypothesis, > t~.

N o t i c e that the d o m a i n D I of an i n t e r p r e t a t i o n is a cpo. 6: of FuV.

From [Dn÷ D~ x ([DP÷ D3) n + [DP÷ D3 (the left h a n d side is of c o u r s e o r d e r e d by the p r o d u c t ordering). 5: An i n t e r p r e t a t i o n It w i l l be d e n o t e d by d e n o t e d by fI' for I = (DI, ~i ) f in F. I (of F) is a c o m p l e t e F-magma. and the m a g m a o p e r a t i o n s are Let [ d e n o t e the class of all interpretations. N o t i c e that the d o m a i n D I of an i n t e r p r e t a t i o n is a cpo. 6: of FuV.

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