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By Heatwole, H. & J. W. Wilkinson (eds.)

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European Directory of Contaminated Land Management 1993/94

Dr Simon Johnson BSc, MSc, Ph. D, FGS examine supervisor, development examine & details organization (CIRIA) broad efforts were made lately these already possessing, or chargeable for, within the U. okay. to recycle infected land for infected websites, extra spurs are more and more additional valuable use.

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Tricky moral and political matters confront the appliance of clinical and technological suggestions for combating pollutants from happening. frequently the questions embodying proposed ideas to recognized difficulties are ambiguous; and no singular answer can exist for all destinations. but the typical organizing precept for all options to environmental difficulties has to be medical, simply because purely sound technological know-how provides a rational figuring out that decision-makers can use universally.

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