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By Weiming Xia, Huaxi Xu

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Within the look for a good remedy for Alzheimer's ailment, APP is a distinct version protein that illustrates the big variety of simple and complex characterization strategies on hand. Exploring various organic suggestions to elucidate the constitution and serve as of this transmembrane protein, this article offers every one process with targeted, step by step protocols to accomplish reproducible effects and supply a framework for learning different membrane proteins.

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Place the cells in 2 ml of prewarmed medium and incubate at 37˚C for various periods. 6. 5. Incubate the cells for another 5 min. Collect the supernatant, repeat the acidic wash to remove residual surface-bound antibody and pool both supernatants. The acid wash detaches 90 to 95% of cell surface-bound antibody 7. 2 N NaOH. 8. Measure the radioactivity of all fractions in a gamma counter. To calculate the specific binding, the radioactivity from untransfected control cells is subtracted from the counts obtained from the transfected cells in each condition.

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