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By Edward B. Magrab

ISBN-10: 1118821262

ISBN-13: 9781118821268

Provides the instruments for the reader to generate Mathematica® courses to acquire numerical strategies to quite a lot of engineering topics

An Engineer’s consultant to Mathematica® provides the instruments so as to generate verifiably right Mathematica® courses that receive symbolic and numerical ideas to a variety of engineering themes, and to reveal the numerical effects with annotated pictures and, while acceptable, interactive graphics. 

The first a part of the booklet introduces the basics of Mathematica’s syntax and a subset of instructions important in fixing engineering problems.  the second one half makes use of the basics to procure numerical recommendations in a variety of engineering specialties, together with vibrations, fluid mechanics, warmth move, controls and sign processing, and engineering statistics. 

  • Provides the instruments for the reader to generate Mathematica® courses to acquire numerical strategies to quite a lot of engineering topics    
  • Introduces the basics of Mathematica’s syntax
  • Contains examples overlaying vibrations, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, warmth move, controls and sign processing, optimization, and structures
  • Includes routines ranging in complexity
  • Accompanied via an internet site web hosting a recommendations manual

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J 18. BTUIT Electrical "A" "H" "ohm" "farad" "coulomb" "V" "T" Amperes Henries Ohms Farads Coulombs Volts Teslas 18. A 18. H 18. Ω 18. F 18. C 18. V 18. T Time/frequency "s" "ms" "micros" "Hz" "GHz" "hr" Seconds Milliseconds Microseconds Hertz Gigahertz Hours 18. s 18. ms 18. μs 18. Hz 18. GHz 18. 5 m/s To illustrate the usage of Quantity further, consider the following quantities: e33 (C⋅m−2 ), c33 (N⋅m−2 ), and ????33 (F⋅m−1 ). We shall show that the following quantity is nondimensional k= e233 c33 ????33 Thus, k=Quantity[e33 ,"Coulombs"/"Meters"ˆ2]ˆ2/ (Quantity[c33 ,"Newtons"/"Meters"ˆ2]* Quantity[Subscript[ε33 ,"Farads"/"Meters"]) which gives e233 c33 ε33 Since there are no units appearing in this result, k has no dimensions.

In this case, the use of the Basic Math Assistant palette results in √ 3 x = 27 which √ yields 3. This instruction was obtained from clicking on the template nth root symbol ( ▫ ▫). 8. One can also use the Basic Math Assistant to create variables that contain subscripts and superscripts. 9 Opening the Basic Math Assistant window to access advanced mathematical notation templates which displays eb+c and f=1+da displays 1+eb+c The symbol e is an approximation to the way that Mathematica displays e.

1 String Creation: StringJoin[] and ToString[] Any combination of numbers, letters, and special characters that are linked together to form an expression that does not perform any Mathematica operation is denoted a string. There are a large number of commands that can be used to manipulate strings. Our use for them will be limited primarily to creating annotated output for graphics. Therefore, we shall introduce only a few string creation and manipulation commands. 8. A string is created by enclosing the characters with quotation marks.

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