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He didn’t have to relinquish his control to her; he could simply slake his lust and be finished with her. Three minutes later, after a silent ride to the top floor in an executive elevator paneled in mahogany and brass, he and Cate entered her father’s office. “I see you haven’t changed a thing,” Ethan said after she’d flipped on a muted lamp and moved to place the cash box on the wide, polished surface of her father’s desk. ” Mr. Carrington’s taste, as robust and pompous as that of any seasoned purveyor of horseflesh, had left a stamp of ownership his mere death could not eclipse.

His expression made her feel as though they were the only two people in the world, as though she was the only person in his world. The noise of tipsy auction attendees dulled and the music blurred into a steady, rhythmic thrumming that matched the tempo of her pulse. Ethan slid his hard arm lower against her waist and hitched her up onto her toes, eliciting a jolt of pleasure when her groin aligned intimately with his. His other hand lifted hers, gentle despite the implacable hardness in his eyes, and he slowly, expertly guided her into a tight circle.

You want my twenty-five million, we fetch the paperwork together. Tonight. ” His lips crooked in a lazy smile while his grip softened to a near caress, his triumph gleaming hot within his eyes. ” Twisting free of his touch, of the domineering promise of pain in his victorious expression, Cate lurched backward. “No, you’re not. ” CHAPTER TWO ETHAN watched the woman who’d nearly destroyed him ten years ago, her color high and her steps unsteady as she tried to regain her composure. Seeing that he’d unnerved her, he felt a frisson of satisfaction bloom within his chest.

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