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By J. Crouthamel

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This eye-opening research provides a nuanced, provocative account of ways German squaddies within the nice struggle skilled and enacted masculinity. Drawing on an array of appropriate narratives and media, it explores the ways in which either heterosexual and gay squaddies expressed emotion, understood romantic beliefs, and approached intimacy and sexuality.

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Morality crusaders regarded sexual immorality as a threat that was comparable to foreign enemies. Middle-school teacher J. Fröhling, a representative for the Verband der Männervereine zur Bekämpfung der öffentlichen Unsittlichkeit (Coalition of Men’s Associations for the Battle against Public Immorality), called on the Interior Ministry to distribute his organization’s pamphlet, “Teutonic Strength and Sexual Questions,” which warned about the moral decline unfolding at the front. In his prescription for a Christian-based counterattack, 36 O An Intimate History of the Front Fröhling offered militaristic rhetoric that described the front as a dangerous moral landscape that needed to be contained to preserve the home front’s survival.

Fischer alleged, and they rationalized that sexual abstinence was going against nature. The doctor then tried to scare his readers with detailed, graphic descriptions of different kinds of VD and their symptoms, including oozing chancre sores, paralysis, heart attacks, and other health disasters. After a thorough review of the consequences of sexual promiscuity, Dr. Fischer admitted that some men would continue to have sex with prostitutes anyway, and he provided advice on prophylaxis. Condoms, including brands by Viro and Samariter, could be purchased at The Ideal Man Goes to War O 31 pharmacies, or as a last resort, men could wash their genitals after having sex with prostitutes.

As “sons of a heroic race (Heldenvolkes),” real men should be able to distinguish between moral and immoral behavior. Dr. ”84 Deepening tensions emerged between the military and home-front morality crusaders over how to control male sexual behavior. ” Morality crusaders were concerned that unless men remained abstinent, soldiers would suffer spiritual crisis and moral degradation that was just as threatening to the nation as the spread of venereal disease. ” The war, he feared, would erode the moral condition of men who succumbed to sexual temptation while separated from home.

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