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By Angelo S. Rappoport

ISBN-10: 1859581722

ISBN-13: 9781859581728

Myths and legends are the goods of the preferred brain and of the communal soul of the folks. This, the ultimate ebook of Angelo Rappoport's trilogy on historic Hebrew myths, bargains with the 1st kings of historic Israel: tormented Saul, heroic David and clever Solomon. a number of alternative biblical figures additionally look, together with evil Queen Jezebel, Esther - the savior of her humans, the Prophet Elijah, and trustworthy other halves, treacherous enthusiasts and beggar kings. The Oriental and eu myths that owe lots to Jewish legends also are mentioned - from Merlin the Magician to the origins of the tales that contain "A Thousand and One Nights."

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Samuel, 17. so. 76b-77a; Midra sh Ruth Rabba, 4· 4: Midrash Samuel, a2. 1 Soon after he had defeated Goliath David was com­ pelled to flee from the court of Saul on account of the King's jealousy. Saul had promised David as a reward of his great victory over Goliath the hand of his daughter, but he tried to break his promise. David fled to Samuel, and even in his days of storm and stress assiduously studied the Law and glorified the Lord with his praises. During his wanderings he re­ ceived more than one lesson in humility, and found out the wisdom of God and acknowledged His just rule and guidance of the World.

Iii. THE DEAD LION 43 him on the day of the Last Judgment. On the day on which the Lord will have redeemed His people and accomplished His loving kindness to the seed of Isaac, He will make a ban­ quet for the righteous. The throne of David will be placed by the side of the Throne of Glory. At the end of the banquet a blessing will have to be said over a cup of wine. This cup will be offered at first to the Patriarch Abraham. Abraham, however, will decline the honour: " I am not worthy," he will say, " to pronounce the blessing over the cup of wine, because I begot Ishmael whose descendants do not walk in the ways of the Lord.

Thereupon he had the honey jars wherein the woman had concealed her fortune brought, and caused them to be emptied completely and then broken in the pre­ sence of the accllsed and all the court. And lo, one or two gold pieces were found to have stuck to the bottom and the inner side of the jars. In his greed and eagerness to refill the jars with honey and thus hide his theft, the dishonest friend had overlooked the gold pieces adhering to the jars. 1 DAVID AND GOLIATH Soon afterwards David was called upon to meet the giant Goliath whom he slew in battle.

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