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Sex Differences in Lateralization in the Animal Brain

Till lately, little account has been taken of intercourse ameliorations in lots of examine reports in psychiatry, drugs and body structure. matters of those learn reports have been in most cases males, with so much researchers utilizing two times as many men as adult females of their reports. the necessity to take a sexually differentiated strategy has ended in the paintings defined during this publication, relating particular investigations into the correlations among practical asymmetry of the mind and intercourse.

Zoos: A Philosophical Tour

During this ebook, Keekok Lee asks the query, "what is an animal, and the way does our therapy of it inside of captivity have an effect on its prestige as a being ? " This ontological therapy marks the 1st such technique in taking a look at animals in captivity. enticing with the ethical questions of zoo-keeping (is it morally justified to maintain a wild animal in captivity?

Elephant Sense and Sensibility

Elephant experience and Sensibility is a accomplished remedy of the entire variety of elephant habit. starting with chapters on evolution and the elephant’s mind, this booklet is an built-in presentation of the elephant’s potential for reminiscence, morality, emotion, empathy, altruism, language, intelligence, studying and educating.

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By the time they appear in the fossil record (in the Devonian period), they were already diverse, with several different genera and species present. Another extinct group is the order Temnospondyli, which was abundant during the late Permian period and persisted until the end of the Triassic period. 0 meter in body length), with low, stout profiles and flattened skulls. Some were highly aquatic and had short, weak appendages. One group, the Trematosaurs, was marine, and they are apparently the only amphibians to have been successful at invading the oceans.

Aging cline with age after its peak. in monkeys has been studied more than that in The immune system functions less effectively other animals because of the notion that aging patas age increases. This leaves the body more susterns may closely reflect those of humans. ceptible to a range of illnesses and diseases. NeoAging monkeys show changes in their circulaplasms, or tumors, are most common among tory systems similar to those found in humans: mammals as they age. An impaired immune sysThere is notable atherosclerosis and arteriosclerotem allows various types of tumors or cancers to sis, or hardening of the arteries.

Many species have developed highly toxic skin secretions to protect themselves from predators (human fatalities have been recorded from eating only one salamander). Many species advertise their toxicity by being very brightly and distinctly colored (this is known as aposematic coloration), and members of other, less-toxic families have also converged on these color patterns for protection from predators, a process called mimicry. Members of the family Plethodontidae all share the unique feature of being lungless—respiration is accomplished by diffusion across their moist skins.

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